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(Eutaw Springs)   (Combehee Ferry, SC)
  This map, depicting Yorktown prior to the British surrender, October 19, 1781, dramatically shows the vital part played by the French. The French fleet, under de Grasse, prevented the English fleet entering the bay, and the French forces under Rochambeau aided American troops under Washington in the siege.

Upon the organization of the Cincinnati, de Grasse, Rochambeau, and certain other high ranking French officials and officers were, by invitation, made members. Lafayette became an Original Member of the Society when it was organized in France in 1784, and by a unique privilege given him by the Society, all his male descendants are eligible for membership.
Carte de la partie de la Virginie ou L'armee combinee de France & des Etats-Unis de l'Amerique

(Map of Virginia or the combined army of France and the United States of America)

(The Robert Charles Lawrence Fergusson Collection, The Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C.

For an image of this map and permission to publish, please contact the Society of the Cincinnati at library@SocietyoftheCincinnati.org.)

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  Unit Rosters  
  1st Partisan Legion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Surgeon's Mate John Morris    
  First Lieutenant Christopher Godfried Swartz    
  1st Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Edmund Bourke    
  Second Lieutenant James Campbell    
  Captain John Davis    
  First Lieutenant David Hammond    
  First Lieutenant Robert Martin    
  First Lieutenant William McDowell    
  First Lieutenant James McFarlane    
  Chaplain Robert McMordie    
  Major James Moore, Jr.    
  Surgeon's Mate John Francis Rogue    
  Captain John Steele    
  Captain David Ziegler   Assistant Inspector, General Greene's Army  
  2nd Canadian Regiment, Hazen's  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain James Duncan    
  Captain Clement Gosselin     Wounded
  Captain Philippe Liebert    
  Private Zaccheus Peaslee    
  Captain Thomas Pry    
  Major James Randolph Reid    
  Captain Anthony Selin    
  First Lieutenant William Stuart    
  2nd Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Major James Hamilton    
  First Lieutenant Nicholas George LeRoy    
  Captain William Lusk    
  First Lieutenant William Moore    
  Lieutenant Colonel Caleb North    
  Captain John Pearson    
  Colonel Walter Stewart   Commander  
  First Lieutenant John Stricker    
  First Lieutenant John Bell Tilden    
  Captain Isaac Van Horne   Company Commander  
  2nd Virginia Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Colonel Christian Febiger    
  3rd Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Major William Alexander    
  First Lieutenant Robert Allison    
  First Lieutenant John Armstrong    
  First Lieutenant Blackall William Ball    
  Captain James Chrystie   Commander, 3rd Company  
  Colonel Thomas Craig   Commander  
  Major Isaac Budd Dunn   Aide-de-Camp, Major-General St. Clair  
  First Lieutenant Richard Fullerton   Regimental Adjutant  
  Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar    
  Captain Laurence Keene    
  Captain John Marchall   Company Commander  
  Captain William Sproat   Commander, 9th Company  
  Second Lieutenant Francis Thornbury    
  First Lieutenant Jacob Weitzel    
  4th Continental Artillery Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Surgeon Reading Beatty    
  Captain Lieutenant Samuel Doty    
  Captain Thomas Douglass    
  Captain Worsley Emes    
  Captain William Ferguson    
  Captain Lieutenant Matthew McGuire   Regimental Paymaster  
  First Lieutenant Robert Parker    
  Captain Lieutenant James Smith    
  Captain Lieutenant Samuel Story    
  Second Lieutenant Samuel Story    
  4th Legionary Corps  
  Name   Position   Status
  Surgeon William Cathcart    
  Captain John Craig     Dorsey's Company
  First Lieutenant Jonah Hallett    
  Surgeon Thomas Harrison McCalla    
  Colonel Stephen Moylan    
  4th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant Erkuries Beatty    
  First Lieutenant Wilder Bevins    
  Captain Henry Bicker, Jr.    
  Lieutenant Colonel William Butler   de facto Commander  
  Captain Thomas Campbell   Commander, Lt Col's Company  
  Captain James Carnahan    
  First Lieutenant Ebenezer Denny    
  Major Evan Edwards    
  Captain Benjamin Fishbourn   Aide-de-Camp, General Wayne  
  Captain William Henderson    
  First Lieutenant Henry Henly    
  Captain Andrew Irvine    
  Surgeon William Magaw    
  Captain Stephen Stevenson    
  5th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Benjamin Bartholomew   Company Commander  
  Captain Thomas Boude    
  Captain Thomas Bartholomew Bowen    
  First Lieutenant Edward Butler    
  Colonel Richard Butler   Commander  
  Captain John Christie   Commander, 4th Company  
  First Lieutenant Llewellyn Davis    
  First Lieutenant Abner Martin Dunn    
  First Lieutenant John Harper   Deputy Quartermaster, Southern Army  
  First Lieutenant John MacKinney    
  First Lieutenant David McKnight    
  First Lieutenant George North   Quartermaster, 2nd Brigade  
  Captain Samuel Smith   Commander, 5th Company  
  6th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Jacob Bower   Commander, 2nd Company  
  First Lieutenant Thomas Doyle, Jr.    
  Captain Jeremiah Jackson    
  First Lieutenant Benjamin Lodge, Jr.    
  First Lieutenant James Farquhar MacPherson    
  First Lieutenant John Markland    
  Surgeon John McDowell    
  Ensign John Van Court    
  Captain Robert Wilkin    
  Continental Army  
  Name   Position   Status
  Major General Edward Hand   Adjutant General  
  Captain John Irwin   Commissary, Washington's Staff  
  Brigadier General Anthony Wayne    
  Pennsylvania Line  
  Name   Position   Status
  Major General Arthur St. Clair   Division Commander  
  Virginia Brigade  
  Name   Position   Status
  Brigadier General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg    
  Von Heer's Troop of Light Dragoons  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant John Jacob Mytinger    

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