The Research Resources listed here are ones that we have come across in our research, and we share them with the hope that you find them useful as well. They run the gamut from genealogical research sites to photo restoration. Listing here does not mean we endorse them.

The Historical Societies comprise some of the surviving Revolutionary- and Federal-era societies and many of the active hereditary societies focused on the Revolutionary War period.

The Constituent Societies are those of the Society of the Cincinnati, formed in the original 13 states and in France.

The Documents page displays information and files from our archives that might be of interest to the general public.

The Portrait Gallery shows portraits of many of the Officers from Pennsylvania who served in the Continental Army. Those who are Original Members of the Society have biographies pulled from Virtutis Pramemium, the Men Who Founded the State Society of the Cincinnati of Pennsylvania, by John Dwight Kilbourne.

B. Gen. Edward Hand
Surgeon Barnabas Binney of the Continental Army
Surgeon Barnabas Binney
Capt. John Paul Jones
Capt. Nathaniel Irish