The Original Members

The Original Members of the Pennsylvania Society are those officers who joined in their lifetime, together with those whom we have been able to confirm as having died in service. See the full list of Original Members here.

Many of these men are currently represented in the Society by one of their descendants, but there are many other lines that remain vacant. A list of officers who are not currently represented in the Society can be found here.

If you do not see your ancestor’s name in the list of Original Members, he may have been an officer who did not join the Society in his lifetime. (Please see “The Rule of 1854” for further explanation. Those officers eligible under the 1854 criteria may be found here.)

These portraits are just a small sample of the Original Members. See our Portrait Gallery for more.

B. Gen. Edward Hand

Surgeon Barabas Binney

Capt. John Paul Jones

Capt. Nathaniel Irish