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(Fort Pitt 1775, Garrison Duty)   (Charleston Defense, SC Campaign)
Map of the Country which was the Scene of Operations of the Northern Army Including the Wilderness through which Genr. Arnold Marched to Attack Quebec.
(The Robert Charles Lawrence Fergusson Collection, The Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C.

For an image of this map and permission to publish, please contact the Society of the Cincinnati at library@SocietyoftheCincinnati.org.)

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  Unit Rosters  
  1st Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant Jacob Ashmead     Assigned 27 Oct 1775
  Ensign John Bryce    
  Second Lieutenant Roger Staynor     Assigned 27 Oct 1775
  Captain William Williams     Assigned 27 Oct 1775
  2nd Canadian Regiment, Hazen's  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Clement Gosselin    
  2nd Continental Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Private Robert Allison     Doudle's Company
  Sergeant Thomas Boyd     POW
  Private John Craig     Hendrick's Company
  Captain William Hendricks    
  First Lieutenant John McClellan     DIS, 3 Nov 1775
  Second Lieutenant Francis Nichols     Hendrick's Company; POW, 31 Dec 1775
  2nd Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain William Butler    
  Ensign Abner Martin Dunn    
  Arnold's Brigade  
  Name   Position   Status
  Major Christian Febiger   Brigade Major  
  Volunteer Isaac Melcher   Brigade Major  
  Canadian Regiment, Livingston's  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant Andrew Pepin    
  Volunteer Bartholomew Von Heer   Regimental Adjutant  
  Lamb's Independent Company New York Artillery  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Sergeant Joseph Ashton    
  Pennsylvania Militia  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain John Armstrong, Jr.    

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