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(Charleston Defense, SC Campaign)   (Fort Ticonderoga, Garrison Duty)
Map of the Country which was the Scene of Operations of the Northern Army Including the Wilderness through which Genr. Arnold Marched to Attack Quebec.
(The Robert Charles Lawrence Fergusson Collection, The Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C.

For an image of this map and permission to publish, please contact the Society of the Cincinnati at library@SocietyoftheCincinnati.org.)

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  Unit Rosters  
  1st Canadian Regiment, Livingston's  
  Name   Position   Status
  Volunteer Bartholomew Von Heer   Regimental Adjutant  
  1st Continental Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Lewis Farmer     Assigned 6 Apr 1776
  Colonel William Thompson    
  1st Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant John Bankson    
  Second Lieutenant John Cobea     Assigned 15 Jan 1776
  Second Lieutenant Peter Gosner     Assigned 15 Jan 1776
  Captain Josiah Harmar    
  First Lieutenant Adam Hubley, Jr.    
  Ensign John Irwin    
  Captain Marion Lamar    
  Ensign John Low     DIS, 29 Jul 1776
  Volunteer John Patterson    
  Sergeant John Sharp     Harmar's Company
  First Lieutenant Roger Staynor     Promoted 19 Jan 1776
  Sergeant John Stoy    
  Second Lieutenant Samuel Tolbert    
  Ensign Major Walbron    
  First Lieutenant Amos Wilkinson     Promoted 4 May 1776
  Second Lieutenant Amos Wilkinson     Assigned 5 Jan 1776
  2nd Canadian Regiment, Hazen's  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Philippe Liebert    
  2nd Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Volunteer James Armstrong    
  Captain Stephen Bayard    
  Captain Rudolph Bunner    
  First Lieutenant Thomas Butler    
  First Lieutenant James Chrystie    
  Ensign William Craig     Assigned 5 Jan 1776
  Ensign Mordecai Davis    
  Second Lieutenant Isaac Budd Dunn     Bayard's Company
  Ensign John Evans    
  Volunteer Thomas Hanson    
  Ensign George Hofner    
  Captain John Huling     Assigned 5 Jan 1776
  Ensign John Marchall     Bayard's Company
  Ensign George McCully    
  Sergeant Nathan McMullan    
  First Lieutenant Samuel Moore     Assigned 5 Jan 1776
  Captain Thomas Lloyd Moore    
  First Lieutenant Thomas Lloyd Moore    
  Ensign John Parke    
  Sergeant Peter Smith     Craig's Company
  Colonel Arthur St. Clair    
  Captain Samuel Watson    
  Ensign Jacob Weaver     Assigned 22 Apr 1776
  4th Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Ensign John Barckley    
  First Lieutenant Benjamin Bartholomew    
  Second Lieutenant Charles Clinton Beatty     Church's Company
  Second Lieutenant Thomas Boude    
  First Lieutenant John Christie    
  Captain Thomas Church   Company Commander   Assigned 5 Jan 1776
  First Lieutenant Robert Gregg     Assigned 5 Jan 1776
  Volunteer John Harper    
  Lieutenant Colonel Francis Johnston    
  Surgeon's Mate Matthew Maus    
  Second Lieutenant Alexander McClintock    
  Second Lieutenant Charles McHenry     Assigned 8 Jan 1776
  Captain James Moore, Jr.    
  First Lieutenant James Randolph Reid     Church's Company
  Captain Thomas Robinson   Commander, 2nd Company  
  Second Lieutenant Michael Ryan    
  First Lieutenant Samuel Smith     Lacey's Company
  Ensign Joseph Stanley    
  Captain Chistopher Stuart     Assigned 5 Jan 1776
  Captain Frederick Vernon    
  Ensign Job Vernon     Church's Company
  Colonel Anthony Wayne    
  6th Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Robert Adams    
  First Lieutenant John Alexander     Promoted 10 Feb 1776
  Second Lieutenant John Alexander     Assigned 9 Jan 1776
  Captain William Alexander    
  First Lieutenant William Bratton     Assigned 9 Jan 1776
  Ensign John Bush    
  Volunteer James Gamble   Regimental Quartermaster  
  Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hartley    
  Ensign Robert Hopes    
  Sergeant John Hughes    
  Sergeant John Hughes    
  Second Lieutenant Andrew Irvine    
  Colonel William Irvine    
  Private Samuel Kennedy    
  Ensign William Lusk     Rippey's Company
  Private John McCullam     Smith's Company
  Ensign William Miller     Assigned 9 Jan 1776
  Ensign Samuel Montgomery    
  Second Lieutenant Alexander Parker    
  Second Lieutenant Edward Stille    
  Captain Jeremiah Talbot    
  Sergeant Andrew Walker    
  Second Lieutenant Robert Wilson     Assigned 9 Jan 1776
  Continental Army  
  Name   Position   Status
  Colonel John Phillip DeHaas     Assigned 22 Jan 1776
  Roman's Continental Artillery Company  
  Name   Position   Status
  Sergeant Andrew Caldwell    
  Second Lieutenant Jeremiah Freeman    

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