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(Fort Ticonderoga, Garrison Duty)   (Florida Campaign)
  During the summer of 1776 and early winter of 1777, Fort Ticonderoga served not only as a deterrent to the southern movement of the British on the Hudson River, but also as a gathering place for those Continental troops that had seen hard service in Canada the year prior.
  Unit Rosters  
  1st Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Josiah Harmar    
  2nd Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Ensign Mordecai Davis     Reese's Company; DIS, 12 Aug 1776
  Colonel Arthur St. Clair    
  4th Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant Joseph Potts    
  6th Pennsylvania Battalion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain William Alexander    
  Ensign John Bush    
  Captain Lewis Bush    
  Volunteer James Gamble   Regimental Quartermaster  
  Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hartley    
  Ensign John Hughes     Grier's Company
  Ensign John Hughes     Parker's Company
  Second Lieutenant Andrew Irvine    
  Ensign Samuel Kennedy     Smith's Company
  Second Lieutenant Samuel Kennedy     Smith's Company
  Ensign William Lusk     Rippey's Company
  Private John McCullam     Smith's Company
  Sergeant John McCullam     Talbot's Company
  First Lieutenant John McDowell     Grier's Company
  Second Lieutenant Samuel Montgomery     Hay's Company
  Second Lieutenant Alexander Parker     Hay's Company
  Captain Jeremiah Talbot   Company Commander  
  Sergeant Andrew Walker     Grier's Company
  Arnold's Brigade  
  Name   Position   Status
  Volunteer Isaac Melcher   Brigade Major  
  Northern Army Artificers  
  Name   Position   Status
  Volunteer David Salisbury Franks   Regimental Paymaster  
  Pennsylvania Line  
  Name   Position   Status
  Brigadier General Arthur St. Clair    
  Roman's Continental Artillery Company  
  Name   Position   Status
  Third Lieutenant Andrew Caldwell    
  Second Lieutenant Jeremiah Freeman    
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